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Professional Services

We provide management, labor, materials, and equipment for the installation and maintenance of electrical and lighting systems and do it effectively across multi-site or single unit properties.

We can repair, install, upgrade and retrofit your lighting system.  

If there is a problem with your existing service, we have the experience

and equipment necessary to perform underground troubleshooting and

discover where bad connections are being made or where new wire

needs to be placed in order to repair the service.

Energy Maintenance and Management, Inc. offers on-demand lighting

service to all of our lighting customers. With fully-stocked trucks and

trained technicians, we can handle most lighting repairs on the first visit.

All of our lighting trucks come equipped with tools, inventory, and the

right equipment to get the job done. Using our own technicians and

in-house management team, we can react to any situation with a sense

of urgency that is second to none.

We have the technicians, equipment, and training to serve your lighting needs. We serve hundreds of retail, commercial, and industrial sites each year under our Planned Lighting Maintenance Programs.

We work on projects of all sizes. It doesn't matter if it's contract projects at several locations or a one-time service.

We have several different sized trucks to better fit your service needs. We have service vans, a 40 ft. bucket truck, and an 85 ft. boom truck for lighting and electrical repairs  service and maintenance.

We also have Backhoe, SkidSteer, Trencher & Auger Capabilities which allows us to install pole bases from start to finish (dig the holes, pour the bases, set the poles, and wire the fixtures), trench in new wiring if needed at new or existing locations, and more.

We have an underground line locator to locate private utilities, such as water and gas lines, to keep you from hitting something unmarked by 811 when digging on your property.

We take on any commercial project. We work with large restaurants, property management companies, and retail chains doing monthly/quarterly maintenance service contracts and small, independently owned companies as an as-needed basis. No project is too big or too small!

Electrical Service, Maintenance & New Installs

We service retail, commercial, food service and public sector properties throughout the Southeast. We can repair, install, upgrade and retrofit your lighting system. From replacing lamps and ballasts, to installation and maintenance, our self-performing team gets the job done.


LED Installs, Retrofits and Lighting Upgrades

Energy Maintenance and Management, Inc. is committed to getting the job done in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We have the equipment, experience and skills necessary to tackle any job that comes our way.


Excavation, Trenching and Auger Capabilities

With our private, underground line locating capabilities and backhoe, tractor, skidsteer, auger, trencher, and digger-derrick equipment, installing conduit and other underground utilities is a breeze.

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